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The Mobile Radio Store will be merging with our Survival By Preparedness site.  This merger will occur between now and 7/30/2014.  Once the merger is completed, this site will no longer be available to order products from. We will be limiting items to those communications peoducts related to emergency and disaster preparedness, as well as items suitable for prepping and bugging out. 

We truly appreciate your patronage and hope that you will come visit us at Survival By Preparedness.


The Mobile Radio Store provides a range of communication devices and accessories whether you are traveling over the road or the water. People love to communicate with one another and a mobile CB Radio is just another way to talk. A mobile CB Radio or VHS Marine Radio is not only a fun way to talk to others nearby, CB Radio or VHS Marine Radio can be a life saving piece of technology that will work where a cell or smart phone can't.

For your car, motorcycle or RV, we carry a number of CB and Amateur products such as RCI, Connex, Galaxy, Cobra, Midland, and Uniden mobile CB Radios, some with Bluetooth wireless technology built in; Astatic, Wilson and Astatic CB microphones, Xforce 10 meter mobile CB Radio amplifiers; Wilson, Francis and other mobile CB Radio antennas; and jumper cables, brackets, magnetic bases and gum drop mounting studs for your antennas.

For your boat, we carry VHF antennas; Uniden handheld VHF radios and mounted VHF radios.

Safety on the Road or on the Water

Let's face it: cell phones don't work EVERYWHERE. Cell phones have definitely changed the way we stay in contact with friends and family. However, if your cell phone can't pick up a signal or it fell in to the water, this makes a cell or smart phone completely useless. Now what do you do? A mobile CB radio in your car or a marine VHS radio in your boat makes it possible to contact SOMEONE if you have an emergency. Don't take the chance that your cell phone may or may not work!

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